Glencoe Motel and RV Pet Policy

Guests are required to declare pets at time of registration

Pets are welcome at Glencoe Motel and RV provided:  
1. They are kept on leash in campground areas.  
2. Dogs not cause barking disturbances nor aggression 
3. Provided owners not allow pets to toilet on property. 

4. No dog is to be left alone, unattended in a motel room    
Pets must be supervised at all times to ensure toilet accidents, territory marking on furniture or damage to doors / furniture does not occur due to separation anxiety.  

6. No pet shall be allowed on motel beds or furniture to deposit cat or dog hairs on blankets, pillows or covers. 
Motel covers, pillows, towels, blankets are not be used for pet purposes under any circumstances. 

7. Dogs “in heat” and puppies under 1 yr are not accepted. 
Owners to provide pets with a pet bed or portable kennel.

8. $100.00 will be billed in the event that: 
(a) Scratch damage occurs on furniture, doors/trim 
(b) Animal hairs , blood or soiled paw prints are found on sheets, covers, pillows, blankets;  or in the event that:       
(c) Motel towels have been used to soak up animal urine or have been used for wiping dogs and are covered in fur. 

Animals are subject to immediate eviction if pet rules are not strictly adhered to.

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